Built-in Refrigerated Trucks


The built-in refrigerated truck is available in seamless fiber glass body with Stainless steel frame which is permanently fixed on to the truck's chassis.The Built-in refrigerated trucks is suitable for medium to heavy-duty vehicles such as Tata 207, 407, 709, 909 or equivalent requiring permanent fixture of the body on the trucks chassis. This is most apt for all-year round businesses.

Salient Features

  • The built-in refrigerated truck model offers PUF insulated container body designed for rugged applications with Precoated Galvanized Iron (PCGI) exteriors and SS 304 food grade interiors or alternatively seamless fiberglass exterior and interior.
  • These insulated container bodies offer maximum thermal efficiency which ensures longer product storage period and in turn reduces the operating cost of the refrigerated truck. The external body dimensions are custom designed based on specific transport needs.
  • The seamless fiberglass bodies with aerodynamic roof, corners and vertical posts provide a smooth surface to reduce wind resistance and improve fuel efficiency in contrast to the conventional truck bodies.
  • This insulated body is supported externally with SS (Stainless Steel) angles for rigid structure and aesthetic looks.
  • FRP exterior is used for this model to enhance the energy efficiency of the truck than the MS body refrigerated trucks commonly available in the market.

Why choose seamless Fiberglass construction?

  • Increases the body’s shelf life  
  • Reduces maintenance cost    
  • Improves fuel efficient through aerodynamic design  
  • Possesses high thermal resistance than conventional MS or AL or SS joint bodies