Why Choose Transfreez

The innovative design Transfreez Cold Plate system results in colder, more consistent temperatures throughout the reefer container. The technology behind TransFreez is born out of more than 9000 hours of intensive research and field tests specifically revolving around the Indian Ice cream / frozen food distribution. Transfreez reefers operate at 60% lesser cost than traditional blower type reefers. As a result of good research and intensive real world testing in India these trucks are specifically designed to suit Indian operational and ambient conditions, bearing in mind that the most important mission of Reefers is to protect the products while sustaining its quality and shelf life. In addition to cutting down operation and life-time cost by 60%, Transfreez, also offers a dual-purpose detachable Reefer- more popularly known among our customers as "Coldroom Reefer". Specifically designed for dual purpose, Storage + Transport, these detachable reefers can be turned into COLDROOMS whenever needed.

Example: For seasonal business such as Ice cream, distributors often think twice to invest in a reefer fleet and worry about its under-utilization during off season and its cost there forth. In such a scenario, this independently chargeable Refrigerated Container can be easily removed from the vehicle and can be used as a Mini-Cold Room during off season; thereby the truck can be used for other purpose, enabling significant cost saving on vehicle, maintenance and driver during off season.

This patent-protected and proven technology has gained a lot of popularity amongst many Ice cream and frozen food distributors in the recent times. This fuel-free Cold Plate technology enables complete product protection while distribution compared to blower system reefers which thrive on the continuous operation of the Vehicle engine to sustain cooling. Moreover this technology has become a boon to customers who have been dependent on dry ice and shipper boxes for their frozen food distribution as the technology helps them save enormous cost spend on purchasing dry-ice etc.

Transfreez Truck Body

Our body is definitely not one of the commonly available Heavy MS, easily rustable bodies in the market. Transfreez offers sleek, light weight, rust-proof bodies reinforced with Stainless Steel frame. In other words, when you buy TransFreez Reefers you buy Elegant, robust, less maintenance and International quality reefer container bodies.

TransFreez™ offers PUF insulated container body designed for rugged applications supported by rigid SS frame along with reinforced fiberglass / PCGI exteriors and SS 304 / fiberglass / PCGI interior. These insulated container bodies offer maximum thermal efficiency which ensures longer product storage period and in turn reduces the operating cost of the refrigerated truck. The external body dimensions are custom designed based on specific transport needs